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A classic model which has remained unchanged over time.

The 220 grams polyester fabric and crank gives the Antigua comfort and reliability you can expect from a Platinum parasol. The volant creates extra shade when the sun is low on the horizon.

Material class
Easy-up crank
Pole Ø38



Storage cover
Granite base 40 kg


Cover size Pole A Height opened B Height closed C Area covered D Free height Recommended weight base AeroCover
300 ø cm 3.8 ø cm 231 cm 231 cm 7.1 m2 200 cm 40 kg 7984

Note: Parasol does not include a base. For a 40kg base, please add ca. 8 cm to the mentioned height. Sizes may vary ± 2%.

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Material class 1

100% polyester, 220 grams/m2, colourfastness 4-5, UPF 30+, water-repellent and dirt resistant.


When a sunshade is exposed to the sun, the fabric will fade over time. How quickly and to what extend depends on the fabric quality. Platinum offers fabrics in classes 1 up to 4. A higher material class results in a better colourfastness with a longer period untill first noticable fading. Material class 2 offers a colourfastness of 80-160 days in the sun. Material class 4 shows initial colour changes after ca 350 days of solar radiation. To extend the lifespan of your parasol we recommend to always use a storage cover when your parasol is not in use.

UV protection

Every sunshade offers protection from the sun, but not all protect against UV rays. Platinum sunshades filter and protect against UV rays with a UPF class up to 50+ on a scale from 15 to 50+.


7720 Antigua Ø3,0 m

Frame Anthracite / Canopy Anthracite

7720A Antigua Ø3,0 m

Frame Anthracite / Canopy White

7720C Antigua Ø3,0 m

Frame Anthracite / Canopy Light Grey

7720D Antigua Ø3,0 m

Frame Anthracite / Canopy Black

7720E Antigua Ø3,0 m

Frame Anthracite / Canopy Taupe