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Functionality, innovation and design

The umbrella serves primarily to provide optimal protection against the sun and should be directed to the sun as far as possible. A Platinum parasol is not just a parasol. Every Platinum parasol is designed with ease of operation and functionality. A Platinum parasol offers the finishing touch to your garden set and gives your garden an extra sunny atmosphere.

Dutch design

Platinum parasols are created and developed by a team of Dutch designers. Ease of use and functionality are most important for each design. Using the design process in the most innovative way resulted in double tilt mechanism. The sunshade can effortless en stepless be rotated, tilted and twisted in the desired position without having to move your parasol. Parasols with the extension T2 (double tilt) are fitted with the double tilt mechanism.

Material Classes

Different options are offered with each parasol for you to choose from.

Material class 1

100% polyester, 220 grams/m2, colourfastness 4 – 5,
UPF 30+, water-repellent and dirt resistant.

Material class 2

100% polyester, 220 grams/m2, colourfastness 5-6,
UPF 35+, water-repellent and dirt resistant.

Material class 3

100% polyester, 300 grams/m2, colourfastness 5-6,
UPF 35+, PU coated, water-repellent and dirt resistant.

Material class 4 Premium

100% spuncrylic, 240 grams /m2, solution dyed, colourfastness 7, UPF 50+, water-repellent and dirt resistant. Optimal protection against UV rays.


When a sunshade is exposed to the sun, the fabric will fade over time. How quickly and to what extend depends on the fabric quality. Platinum offers fabrics in classes 1 up to 4. A higher material class results in a better colourfastness with a longer period untill first noticable fading. Material class 2 offers a colourfastness of 80-160 days in the sun. Material class 4 shows initial colour changes after ca 350 days of solar radiation.


To extend the lifespan of your parasol we recommend to always use a storage cover when your parasol is not in use. Visit our AeroCover website for breathable quality covers for your parasol or other garden furniture.

UV protection

Every sunshade offers protection from the sun, but not all protect against UV rays. Platinum sunshades filter and protect against UV rays with a UPF class up to 50+ on a scale from 15 to 50+.